Vandana Slatter“I will bring a solutions-oriented, fiscally responsible approach to city government as I have through my public leadership strengthening quality education at Bellevue College, protecting green spaces, and supporting healthcare with Overlake Hospital Foundation and Washington State Board of Pharmacy.”

 “Bellevue 1.0 has been great, I think there is a Bellevue 2.0 out there. As a one billion dollar city, if we’re going to be global and competing with Hyderabad and Beijing, it’s important to have that perspective at the table.”

A Vibrant Vision.

Vandana is committed to working collaboratively  to ensure that Bellevue is ready for the future with a strong economy, sensible transit options, excellent public education, and safe neighborhoods.

Bellevue is growing. 

family_picVandana’s top priority is to protect what makes Bellevue a great place for residents, families, and businesses to build their future and thrive. She will preserve the high quality of life and unique neighborhoods that bring citizens to Bellevue while embracing the prosperity and growth that benefits us all.

Vandana brings: 

  • oxGz0_Uff1f_WJNpmVOWhFymJAKg0bkO9h92VUzXUt8,5auqBekmN59FHJ-JpkiJa49iRgl1k0tyNn-VZsP3Wus,3zJDnXZTgZ-Usw-_7KIMLu6IcvZurhKbog0_7DUcYUcCost-effective traffic solutions and transportation options, on time and on budget
  • Innovative enterprise, sensible development, and a well-educated workforce
  • Sustainable environmental practices and protected green space
  • Reliable police, fire, and support services for us all, including seniors and at-risk citizens