Quotes about Vandana

“Vandana Slatter has an impressive record of community service, especially in health care. Pointing some of her capacity toward city issues would be good for Bellevue.” - Seattle Times

“I am working to elect Van to Bellevue City Council, Position 6, because she will provide a new and truly fresh perspective, open to information from all quarters and uniquely qualified to represent an important and significant sector of Bellevue’s citizens” – former State Rep. Deb Eddy

“Our community deserves the best candidate now for leading and implementing the current and future business, government, and community visions for Bellevue. … Vandana Slatter represents the best candidate for this transition. That is why we have decided to vote for her” – Jim Moore and Family

“Vandana Slatter understands how critical it is to maintain our roads and bridges. She brings a common-sense approach that will address traffic and keep Bellevue’s streets safe for our families.” – Diane Lundeen Smith

“Vandana’s voice on council will build bridges to members of our community who are under-represented currently, both as an immigrant to this country and also as a biotechnology business professional. ” – Jagdish Sharma

“She’s the best candidate to work across the political divide to deliver results” – Bill Mowat

“She believes factors like her work in the private sector, her science and technology background, as well as her volunteer work give her the tools to help build a “smart” government for the city even as she helps maintain the suburban feel.” - News India Times

“Slatter has said her priority will be working towards building the city as a place where ‘business, residents and beautiful neighbourhoods all have the opportunity to thrive.’” Zee News

“During her time on the Washington State Board of Pharmacy, she was instrumental in ensuring access to emergency contraceptives at the pharmacy for Washington women. She fought hard for a woman’s right to obtain time-sensitive medication without hassle or delay.” – NARAL Pro-Choice Washington