Vandana Slatter


Select accomplishments:

Helping Homeless Youth – Rep. Slatter sponsored HB 1630 which allows homeless minors to share their personal data in Washington’s homeless client management information system. Collecting improved data will give Washington a better understanding of the needs of unaccompanied and underserved homeless youth and expand services helping them find a safe and permanent home.

Looking Out for Students and Teachers – HB 1741, sponsored by Rep. Slatter, collect expanded educator data for the state’s Education Research and Data Center. This data can be used to improve the state’s educator preparation programs, improving teacher success in the classroom and leading our kids to better educational outcomes. Rep. Slatter has secured funding for student robotics programs across grade levels. Additionally, Rep. Slatter offered a critical amendment to SB 6162 defining dyslexia as a specific learning disability and creating steps to help students with dyslexia.

Protecting Medical Patients – After years of working in the biotechnology industry, Rep. Slatter is passionate about protecting patients and pharmaceutical consumers. She sponsored a bill that would protect patients from being overcharged for prescription medication that unanimously passed the House, but did not receive a vote in the Senate. She also sponsored a law that increased the number of consumer advocates on the Washington’s Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery.

Fighting Climate Change – After the Trump Administration pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Rep. Slatter was inspired to sponsor a bill seeking to align Washington’s carbon emissions with those agreed upon in the accord. She secured investment in researching electric and hybrid-electric aircraft that may significantly reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels in the future.

Maintaining and Improving Affordable Housing – Rep. Slatter worked with the affordable housing community to sponsor a bill that ensures nonprofit organizations are not taxed when ownership of affordable housing properties transfers. This will allow providers to continue investing in new affordable housing and offer improved services to those in need.

Embracing Innovation – The 48th LD is one of the state’s most innovative districts, home to individuals and companies that have changed the world. Rep. Slatter was recently appointed to the Future of Work and Aviation Biofuels task forces where they forge and develop new ideas to prepare Washington for decades of innovation to come. Rep. Slatter also sponsored a resolution in support of science signed by 58 members of the house and recognizing the importance of scientific research and the science community.

Legislation – Sponsored bills that have been passed into law were HB 1431, which increased the number of members on the board of osteopathic medicine and surgery and HB 1741, which was about helping teachers find the best programs and supporting efforts to understand the health of our teaching programs by streamlining educator preparation data for use by the professional educator standards board.

My other bills:

HB 2225, aligns Washington’s greenhouse gas emissions limits with those established by the United States’ commitment under the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

HB 1630 would allow minors to consent to share their personally identifying information in the Washington homeless client management information system.

Select bills:

These were other bills I was proud to work on and were of interest to many constituents in our district:

  • HB 1894: Research and development in the fields of advanced spacecraft manufacturing and life sciences. (Sponsor: Rep. Sullivan)
  • HB 2200: Protecting the privacy and security of internet users. (Sponsor: Rep. Hansen)
  • HB 2201: Concerning the collection of a motor vehicle excise tax approved by voters of a regional transit authority in 2016. (Sponsor: Rep. Pellicciotti)
  • HB 1046: Concerning certificates of academic and individual achievement. (Sponsor: Rep. MacEwen)
  • SB 5404: Permitting the possession and application of topical sunscreen products at schools. (Sponsor: Sen. Rivers)
  • SB 5939: Promoting a sustainable, local renewable energy industry through modifying renewable energy system tax incentives and proving guidance for renewable energy system component recycling (Sponsor: Sen. Palumbo)

Transportation Budget Projects

  • Received funding from the Transportation budget to draft and implement a 2018 pilot program to provide students who qualify for free/reduced priced lunch with an ORCA card during the summer session in both the Lake Washington and Highline school districts.

48th District Capital Budget Projects

  • Youth Eastside Services’ Infrastructure Project: Remodeling clinical counseling rooms and replacing outdated audio/video equipment. ($22,600 in House proposal)
  • Highland Village Apartments Preservation: Ensures access to affordable housing for existing and future residents of Bellevue. ($1.5M in House proposal)
  • Willows Road Regional Trail Connection: Provides a safe separated shared-use trail connecting Kirkland to Redmond. ($1.44M in Senate proposal)

Member Resolutions

  • I led a bipartisan member resolution in support of science in which 58 members of the House signed a resolution recognizing the importance of supporting  scientific research and the science community.

Please see member resolution: