Vandana Slatter

Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

The pain we are experiencing is real and raw, and has opened many conversations with people I love and care about. Thank you for sharing your heart and your hurt for justice.

‘Truth is like a lion. You cannot defend it. Let it free and it will defend itself.’ (unclear source; St. Augustine?)

The murder of Mr. George Floyd reveals a truth – a savage truth that many people live and die with every single day – a truth the rest of us comfortably avoid, every single day.

I don’t know the answers, I only dare hope – that we have the courage to face this truth and work together, because without a brave and working hope, we cannot build a future worthy of our children. 🖤

#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #ListeningAndLearning

– Rep. Vandana Slatter