Vandana Slatter

Rep. Vandana Slatter is WCV’s 2020 Legislator of the Year

Washington Conservation Voters Selects Representative Vandana Slatter as its 2020 Legislator of the Year 

Slatter delivers on promise to achieve carbon free future

Washington Conservation Voters, Washington’s political voice for the environment, is proud to announce Representative Vandana Slatter (D-48), as its 2020 Legislator of the Year. Rep. Slatter led a multi-year effort to pass HB 2311, Climate Pollution Limits, updating Washington state’s goals for reducing climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions to bring them in line with current science and include the role of sequestration in our state’s climate policy. This policy puts the State of Washington on a trajectory to pass future carbon reducing laws to meet those aggressive limits.

Rep. Slatter was first appointed then elected to the House of Representatives in 2017 and represents the state’s 48th Legislative District. From her first run for Bellevue City Council to this year’s re-election campaign, WCV has endorsed and supported her candidacy in each of her races.

Rep. Slatter first introduced HB 2311 during the 2019 session, and again re-introduced it as an Environmental Priorities Coalition Priority in 2020 where it passed both Chambers of the Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee.

“Representative Slatter set the stage to not only achieve Washington’s greenhouse gas emission targets but also invest in Washington’s workers, ensure equitable policies, and recognize the role of natural and working lands to reduce climate pollution,” said Shannon Murphy, Chief Campaigns Officer for Washington Conservation Voters. “From her first day in Olympia, Rep. Slatter has worked tirelessly to ensure Washington has a more sustainable and livable future. The Climate Pollution Limits bill is one critical step in that long journey,” Murphy added.

“As a Vice Chair of the House Transportation Committee, Rep. Slatter has successfully promoted green transportation legislation and has advocated for investments in transit, stormwater, and alternative fuels in transportation revenue discussions heading into the 2021 session,” said Darcy Nonemacher, Government Affairs Director for Washington Conservation Voters.

“Climate change is an existential threat, already disrupting our present and putting our future at risk. To effectively take on this challenge, we have no choice but to respond with action that matches the demands of modern climate science,” said Slatter. “By reducing pollution in transportation, buildings, and industry, the climate limits law we passed guides Washington state’s efforts to prevent the most catastrophic effects of global climate change.”

She added, “It took multiple legislative sessions, an outpouring of community activism, and hard work from colleagues and advocates to set these new targets. I am honored to be named WCV’s Legislator of the Year, and I am committed to taking on this crisis by following the science, fighting for climate justice, and ensuring a healthy environment for generations to come.”

A medical scientist and pharmacist, Dr. Vandana Slatter represents the 48th Legislative District, which includes parts of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland and all of Clyde Hill, Medina, Yarrow Point and Hunts Point. She currently serves on three House committees: College & Workforce Development; Innovation, Technology & Economic Development; and Transportation (2nd Vice Chair).