Vandana Slatter

The Times recommends: Rep. Vandana Slatter for the 48th Legislative District, House Position 1

Rep. Vandana Slatter is a capable legislator with an eye on the future and a keen understanding of the complex nature of thorny public-policy issues. Among them: transportation, public safety, workforce readiness and health.

Since her 2017 appointment and subsequent election representing the 48th Legislative District, the Bellevue Democrat has been a thoughtful and consistent public servant. In the Aug. 4 primary, voters should return her to Olympia to continue the work in Position 1.

Slatter, who is co-chair of the House of Representative’s Science, Technology and Innovation Caucus, has two decades’ experience as a clinical scientist. She is an effective legislator comfortable working where policy areas intersect.

Her work promoting career-connected learning opportunities and other policies that encourage innovation and equity in science, technology, engineering and math education earned her the legislator of the year award from Washington STEM.

This past session, she helped increase youth access to critical behavioral health care services, sponsoring legislation that provides sustainable funding for the children’s mental telehealth services consultation program and the tele-behavioral health video call center.

When discussing transportation issues with editorial board members, Slatter deftly mapped out the complex interconnected issues that must be considered in crafting a forward-looking, comprehensive plan.

Similarly, in discussions of police reform and public safety, she takes a big-picture view of the mental-health, substance-abuse and other safety-net services that are essential to effective reform.

Slatter’s Republican challenger, Victor H. Bishop, of Bellevue, is a transportation engineer with a deep knowledge of related issues, but he lacks Slatter’s breadth of experience and perspective. Scott Dusenbery, who lists no party preference, has a clear passion for reducing economic inequality but no civic track record to show an ability to translate that passion into effective action.

Slatter is clearly the best person for the job.

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